Site 5 Review

The typical “ mixed bag”. This is site 5. Reviewing this was a difficult task since there are so many good things about it. Their very high prices as well as their policy on refunds, however, just disappointed me.

Just to be transparent, I have to disclose that I have experienced something bad with them. This also affected the way I graded them.


  • The firm definitely isn’t operating a fly-by-night operation since they’ve been up since 1999.
  • Name it, and Site5 probably has the hosting option you need. They have so much including shared hosting to cloud VPs.
  • The customer support is nothing but excellent. They are quick to respond, and their employees definitely know what they’re talking about.
  • Live chat service is great too. Those chatting with you are capable of answering your queries and don’t just merely set up tickets for your concern.
  • Short wait times for phone support ( just around two minutes of waiting). Those taking your calls know know what they’re talking about, are pleasant to talk to and helpful.
  • They are straightforward, and will tell you upfront what you can’t have. They won’t tell you that you can have unlimited bandwidth, for example.
  • They offer different packages that suits you, which means you don’t need to cash out for something that’s not useful for you.


  • Compared to other web hosts like bluehost their plans are definitely pricey. Plus, you will have to shell out $9 monthly should you wish to host more than a single domain. This is not competitive pricing at all considering that top companies such as A Small Orange, HostNine and MDDHosting can provide the same kind of service without charging additional fees. Surely, a thumbs down which affected the way they were graded in this review.
  • The company tried integrating cPanel into their own interface. I’m not crazy about . Navigating is more difficult plus installation of scripts consumes more time.
  • They will give your money back within the first 45 days if you weren’t satisfied with their service. There’s a catch though. Once that 45 day period has lapsed, then you are automatically obligated to maintain their services for the full course. There is no such thing as pro-rated refunds—this is what got me really angry.


My experience

In doing this web hosting review, I used Site5 for 90 days. But eventually, I decided to just maintain one account instead of three accounts I have due to their very stiff prices. I had to cash out $107.40 upfront for the 12 month service.

Site5 did cancel my accounts for me. However, they did not give me a refund. So I got in touch with them again, requesting for the refund for the nine months that’s left. They, however, told me that refunding me would violate their policies. I only consumed three months, which means that I wasn’t using their services for the nine months that’s left of the 12 months.

This is poor service. A client should not be treated this way. Why can’t I get the refund of $80.55 for the nine months remaining? Perhaps I should have carefully gone through the TOS instead of wrongly jumping to the conclusion that refunding a client for unused months is the obvious thing to do.



Generally, the experience with Site5 was rather satisfying. But their stiff pricing is something else. The high price you’ll shell out won’t be worth it. Plus, also ensure that you intend on keeping their service for the entire 12 months.