A Review of MySurvey.com Based On Personal Experience

Is MySurvey a legitimate paid survey company or is just another paid survey scam that is ripping people off in the name of market research?…

If you are just getting started in the whole “get paid to take surveys” thing, and are perhaps searching for a few legitimate survey sites to join so you can make some extra money as their panel member, I am pretty sure you have heard of sites like Swagbucks and MySurvey by now. Common questions people ask when they hear about such sites are: is Swagbucks a scam?, or is MySurvey a scam?…


We know there are lots of reviews of MySurvey out there. But to be honest many of these reviews are not actual reviews, in a sense that they are fake reviews. Most of these writers don’t even have an account with MySurvey. I mean, how can you review a website when you don’t even have an account with them and haven’t experience dealing with them personally!?…

That’s why I decided to write my own review of MySurvey since I have been an active member of their survey panel for over MySurvey years now. With that said, let’s get to the actual review.


Whats The Deal With MySurvey?
Before we establish whether MySurvey is scam or legit, we need to find out what it actually is and what is its main purpose. Mysurvey is actually a smaller branch of one of the top consumer research firms, the famous and very well-known Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS).

They have been around for ages and they have offices in more than 70 different countries all around the world that helps them conduct market research studies in markets around the globe.

With respect to the US, it should be noted that they have been conducting surveys since 1946. However, they were not always know as MySurvey. They recently change their name to MySurvey. Before that, this company was known as the National Family Opinion or NFO.

They pretty much work with manufacturers and companies helping them conduct studies about their consumers and how they feel about products and services that these manufacturers and companies make. These information is very critical in allowing these companies come up with new products and services, as well as improving already available products and services.

My Survey Panel
Like all legit survey panels, joining 6 is also free and it takes less than a few minutes to set it up. Of course, you will have to first find out if they operate, thus accept members in your country of residence and the join by going to the MySurvey’s website for your country.

Few days after you become a member, you can expect to receive emails about available surveys. Basically they will email you whenever there is an available survey that you perhaps qualify for.

Most surveys are short and take only 10 minutes or so to complete. But there are surveys that do take longer. Needless to say that the longer a specific survey is, the more money it pays.

Getting Paid
MySurvey, unlike other survey companies such as Valued Opinions or Survey Savvy, doesn’t actually pay cash for each survey. They instead offer specific number of points for each survey, depending on the length and importance of the survey. However, these points can be redeemed for cash, when you reach the minimum required for cashing out.

Minimum required for cashing out is only 1100 points, and that will convert to $10, which will be paid to you via PayPal. They also have lost of prizes and gift cards that if you choose to, can redeem your points for instead of cash.

Is MySurvey Really Scam?
As you can see, this company is an established market research company, backed by one of the top consumer market research companies in the world. So, its 100% legitimate. You will get paid for taking survey if you do register with MySurvey.

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